That's significant for two reasons: It likely makes the UAE the first nation to formalize a workweek shorter than five days, and it also brings the country more in line with Western schedules. (npr)


formalize(v.)「正式化、使定型」,動詞來自於名詞form,form有「形狀、表格」之意,經常出現在多益測驗中,如fill out the form「填表格」。而form也可以當成動詞,代表「成形」。form加上「-al」變成形容詞formal,是「正式的」意思;加上字首「in-」成為反義詞,informal就是「不正式的」;加上字尾「-tive」則成為形容詞變化,formative的意思是「成形的」。

A solution began to form in her mind.


She spent her formative years in Africa.


form的名詞變化是formation,用法如a rock formation(一塊岩石的結構)、cloud formations(雲的形狀),新聞中使用的formalize則是字尾「-lize」的變化。光是form一個單字就可以延伸出許多單字,可見字首字尾變化的形式有多豐富,只要懂得字根、字首、字尾的規則,不需要刻意背單字,就可以用倍數成長的方式來記單字,這才是增加單字最省力的方式。

They offered me the job, but the contract has not been formalized yet.


bring...in line with「與……接軌、同步」。bring有「帶來」的意思,因此這個動詞片語就是帶到某個層級,in line with是和某人在同一條線上,因此可以理解成「同步、接軌」的意思,with後方則要記得接同步的對象。be in line with也有「一致、同步」的意思,在各種英文句子中都經常使用。

You need to talk to that new student and bring him into line with the rules of our school.


The company's results are in line with stock market expectations.



The changes apply to federal government entities and will take effect on Jan. 1. After that point, Monday through Thursday workdays will run from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Friday hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. (WYPR)


apply to(v.)「適用於、應用」在多益測驗中最常見的用法就是「申請」的意思。但其實apply有很多意思,除了申請的意思,還可以解釋為「應用」、或是「適用於……」的意思。

Those were old regulations - they don’t apply anymore.


By the time I saw the job advertised, it was already too late to apply.


apply作為「申請」的意思時,後方可以接to或for,但apply for後面通常接的是「要申請的東西/工作」;to則是接「申請這個工作的對象/機構。」

I‘ve applied for a new job with the local newspaper.


We’ve applied to a charitable organization for a grant for the project.


apply的名詞變化是application,就是我們app的原形單字,所以手機中的app中文就是「應用軟體」的意思。而application form則表示「申請表」。

The design has many applications.


Have you filled in the application form for your passport yet?


take effect「生效」這個動詞片語在談論政策時經常使用;effect是「效果」的意思,動詞affect代表「影響」,而形容詞effective「有效的」和efficient「有效率的」同樣是多益測驗中常見的形容詞,後者的用法包含了時間的因素,就是在短時間內有效果,因而變成有效率的。

take effect後方接的介系詞取決於如何表達時間,這裡接特定日期,因此用on;如果後方要接月份,則是要使用in,因此大家需要先判斷時間上的表達再決定介系詞的用法。


June 8
Ms. Eunice Cha
Project Leader
B.S. Consultants
10-EE Central City Building
Bangalore 560 097 India

Dear Ms. Cha:

I very much enjoyed your talk at the International Conference on Public Architecture in Mumbai. I especially appreciated your assessment of the competing demands of function, budget, and public expectations on municipal projects.

Our firm has recently been awarded the contract for the design of a large public swimming facility here in Singapore, and I think that our staff would be most interested in your remarks. It would provide useful discussion points for us as we plan and execute the project.

Would it be possible to obtain a copy of your speech and reproduce twenty copies for our internal use only? We would not distribute any part of it outside the company without first obtaining permission from you, nor would we include any part of it in any of our presentations external bodies without your permission and without acknowledgement of you as the author.

It might be that you have plans to publish the material in some form in a journal or trade magazine. If that is the case, I understand that you would not want to release it to us. In that event, would you please inform me when and where it will be published?

Thank you very much for your consideration and for a superb presentation.

David Wong
Wong Architecture, Pty. Ltd.

1.What can be inferred about Mr. Wong?

(A)He attended a presentation given by Ms. Cha.

(B)He is seeking employees for his architecture firm.

(C)He would like to submit an article for publication.

(D)He wants to purchase a subscription to a trade journal.

2.What is Mr. Wong’s company working on?

(A)Giving a public presentation

(B)Planning an awards ceremony

(C)The construction of a new conference center

(D)The design of a swimming pool

3.What is Mr. Wong requesting?

(A)The opportunity to bid on a contract

(B)Copies of published project design plans

(C)Permission to distribute information to his colleagues

(D)A review of a municipal annual budget





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